STRAKS Explorer Python API Documentation


This library serves as a python interface to access relevant information about the STRAKS crypto currency.

The library is seperated into two classes, with more to be added in the future.

StraksExplorer - This class exposes functions to interact with the STRAKS blockchain explorer API and the Coin Market Cap API.

  • With this class uses can access blockchain information and core STRAKS network stastics. See STRAKS API for the official API documentation.
  • This class also exposes an endpoint to access the current STRAKS information from Coin Market Cap.

StocksExchange - This class exposes functions to interact with the Socks Exchange API

  • With this class users can access Stocks Exchange information about the current markets, prices, orders etc.
  • Be default every function is configured to only access STRAKS data, however parameters can be passed to each function to retrieve information from any coin pair.

Click the below links to access each classes documentation.

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